Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui

Reverend Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui, the director and founder of Faith Evangelistic Ministries.

The inception of her life fifty years ago was a first step into what was to become the great move of God that the nation, and the world, bear witness to today. Her growth in life has remained characterized by God’s presence, just us Jesus, in favor of both God and men.

It was, however, not until 1985,that her life would be transformed forever. This followed an earth-shattering visitation by God, in a heavenly call-in that saw the room she was in shake. It was in this divine initiation that God’s intended purpose was revealed to her, and eventually, to the world.

God did pronounce that Reverend Wairimu would serve Him, and carry out great exploits in this nation, and beyond. Key pointers to her assignment, as it was laid out, would be manifestations through the gifts of knowledge, healing, and prophecy. That marked the inauguration of her Ministry, and, to this date, still remains as a keynote birthplace of the gifting in her that we see in operation today.

God’s favor has, since, clouded her life, with the fulfillment of His very word watched through.She draws inspiration from her Mentor and Spiritual authority Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke, whom she serves next to during His evangelism schools around the World and Euro fire conferences.

She has found favor with kings and leaders around the world speaking into their spiritual lives. This has seen senior politicians and government officials giving their lives to Christ.

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