The reason for God to give us a Word is not for us to fear but for us to pray. The Prophetic Word of the Lord is a road-map; it shows you on what to do and not what to do.

Harvest season is not yet over until every single of us brings in our harvest, harvest is still in progress. Keep your eyes on the road of harvest. Delay is not denial, hold on to the Word. There’s no greatness without mistake for the enemy always wants to put up a challenge. The devil does not fight you for nothing, he fights you for what you opt to become. You must expect to face challenges, conflicts, strife, hateful people rising against you, smear campaign, ridicule, physical attacks and resistance.

Where there’s opposition there’s grace.

No man can destroy you, if the fingerprints of God are upon you.

Number 7 is very unique in the Bible; it is the number of Divine completion. God Completed everything on the 7th day and when He looked at what He had made, He said it was good. In Genesis 2, God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it.

You Son of Man, I have made you a watchman over the Nation of Kenya, You shall hear My Word, unless you listen you cannot hear. For what you shall hear you shall want the others to hear”

Ezekiel 33:7

To the Church;

God will restore the glory of God the Church has lost, in the past year we have come short of the glory of God. Many have failed to hear, failed to discern but God is calling the remnants to stand up for God and for faith.

Let us all draw near to God and we shall see His manifestation. We shall call on God and He will hear us, for He is our shield and our cover.

He will restore those blinded by the enemy with the things of this world for many will discern what is evil. God will cover your shame with His beauty. God will restore sight, vision and dreams.

Many will hunger for righteousness and the Lord will pour His Holy oil to those who are brokenhearted.

Over Our Nation;

There will be political challenges, strife, malice, division, competition, enmity, destructive spirit all which shall come from the enemy.

In the midst of the darkest hour our strength shall come from the Lord, our source of strength. The body of Christ shall come united and resist every temptation to divide our nation.

The intent and scheme of the enemy is to bring shame and division in our nation. There is a spirit of sabotage, pray for its exposure in the leadership of this great Nation.

Proverbs 14: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin brings a reproach to a nation, sin is a disgrace to a nation
In the book of Romans, it says that, the wages of sin is death, but righteousness is moral standing upright with God.
God is calling us back to prayer. This nation will be preserved through prayer. Prayer will hold us together. A time has come for us to get back and pray for our nation.

Your prayers will preserve our nation. Get back to prayer for what is started through prayer shall be sustained through prayer.

You are a Watchman

God is calling you a watchman, although it’s not the nicest of professions. As a watchman, you stay up and alert at all times when the rest are asleep. There’s an expectation that a watchman should stay alert and prepared at all times for no one knows the times or when the enemy will come.

The greatest responsibility of a watchman is to raise a warning. If the people ignore when they are warned or take no heed, then judgement will strike them.

As for the vineyards and fields there were specific watchmen who guarded them. The word harvest and watchman is connected in some way.

There are those who destroy walls for they have not taken any sweat to build it. Today you are either a builder with God or a destroyer with the devil. It’s upon you to go and build a wall of prayer everywhere you go. The enemy has no power to destroy the wall of prayer although he may attempt.

Ezekiel means, God will strengthen. God called him to serve at the age of 30 years. Even Jesus and Joseph started their ministry at the age of 30. The call of Ezekiel came with resistance; He knew nothing about ministry,
Do not compromise with evil, don’t be a partaker of another man’s sin.

Ezekiel spoke of the glory of God than any other prophet in the Bible, he dwelt in the presence of God, never compromised the Word of God.

Ezekiel was taken into captivity; the enemy also wants to take us into captivity. The enemy’s intent is to take you and keep you in captivity but remember, when Ezekiel was taken there, he ministered to those in captivity, they were hurting, they were sick, their strong were taken and they had also lost some, those he spoke to were hurting, he spoke of the sin they had committed and also encouraged them but the people rejected him and his messages.

God was so tough on him, Ezekiel lost his wife but he was not to mourn over her and neither to remarry. He feared to fail. His ministry was challenged.

The people wanted to be entertained. Preachers and politicians love multitudes, as for politicians they count votes. They rejected Ezekiel and his message because the people had raised false prophets. People failed to recognize their iniquities but Ezekiel spoke to them to change their hearts, on holiness, the fear of God and righteousness.

As we enter into a season of prayer, every single Saturday of the month of February 2017, we will call upon the Name of the Lord. Mix your prayer with faith; for faith is the bridge that connects man with God, faith will release the ability of God. Choose to walk towards God; God is calling us to Himself. Strange things are happening everywhere in the world, the safest place to be is with God. God will hear your petitions and answer your prayers.

You are marked for the Kingdom and God will mark you for blessing. Prayer mixed with faith will move with the heart of God. Faith in God is not walking by sight but by faith.

My basic message to you is that God is calling the church to be a watchman. When the watchman fails to blow the trumpet, the responsibilities of casualties rests upon the watchman.

Guard your nation and families. Convey Gods message and be His mouthpiece throughout the nations.

May God give our President and his Deputy Wisdom to guard our nation with a jealous love, without fear or intimidation. Kenya is a nation under the hand of God.

To fear God is to walk in His ways.

2017 we are showing the devil RED CARD!!

It’s time for the church to pray; it’s the best thing we know how to do. We are going to pray until something happens.

There’s going to be a divine reversal

Ask the Lord to teach you how to pray for you to be faithful watchman

The prayer of a righteous man avails much

God is a God of a second-chance, God is loving, merciful and forgiving God.

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